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In May of 2017, something special happened. Our founder, Ben, was visiting the Pima Animal Control Center (PACC) when he came across a beautiful soul in a tired body. She came to the front of the kennel, laid down, and pressed her face against the bars. His connection with Lucy began at that moment and she has been with him ever since.  

Lucy had endured extraordinary suffering and neglect with the scars to prove it, but the road to recovery was even longer. After years of treatment, Lucy is now in the best of her health, having survived severe Valley Fever and permanent joint damage.  

Lucy’s adoption and story sparked the idea of starting a dog sanctuary and rescue facility, appropriately named LUCY’S HOPE. Our Mission is to provide an environment to allow the voiceless in the worst of circumstances, a second chance at hope, dignity, and love. We aim to achieve this goal by providing a sanctuary to dogs that need it, a rescue program to allow fostering and quality adoptions, and a training program that will facilitate successful adoption and integration as pets into loving forever homes.​ Lucy’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is a small sanctuary and rescue with plans of expanding into a larger facility that will allow it to reach its full potential. We are accepting donations that will be entirely used towards the construction of the new facility.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We invite you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Our residents give you two paws up for your love and support! Love, Peace, and Respect to all creatures big and small.

— Lucy's Hope Family & Friends

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