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Forever Homes Wanted...

If you're interested in welcoming one of our wonderful pets into your home, please take a moment to complete our adoption application. We want to ensure that every pet finds a loving and suitable forever home, so all applicants are subject to a home check performed by a Lucy's Hope representative.

We understand that life can sometimes take unexpected turns, and circumstances change. If, at any point, you find that you're unable to keep your adopted pet, please reach out to us. Lucy's Hope is committed to the well-being of our pets, and we'll gladly take the pet back, ensuring their continued care and safety.

Adoption Fees:

  • Dogs under 1 year: $400

  • Dogs 1 year to 7 years: $200

  • Dogs 7 years and older: $150

  • Bonded Pairs: A discount of $100 is applied to the total adoption fee when adopting a pair.

  • Cats: $150

We recognize that adopting a pet is a significant commitment, and these fees are essential to support our mission and the animals in our care. They contribute to the well-being of our pets, covering medical expenses, food, and transportation costs during their stay with us.


Why Adoption Fees Matter:

  • Veterinary wellness visit and exam: $50-100

  • Spaying or neutering: $300-900

  • Distemper vaccination: $20-30 (x2)

  • Rabies vaccination: $25-35

  • Heartworm test: $15-35

  • Flea/tick treatment: $100-200

  • Microchip: $50

  • Deworming: $20-50

  • VF testing and bloodwork: $400-600

  • Blood panel: $200-300

  • FeLV (for cats): $60

  • FVRCP (for cats): $26

  • FELV (for cats): $28

These initial costs exceed $1,000, and even a $200 adoption fee doesn't fully cover our expenses. Your support is crucial in helping us continue our mission of saving lives. We strive to provide the best care and preparation for our pets, from veterinary care to training.

Every pet in our care is spayed/neutered, up-to-date on age-appropriate shots, and microchipped. For puppies under 1 year, a puppy class is included in the adoption fee.

We also offer a Foster-to-Adopt program for all adoptions. During this 30-60-day period, Lucy's Hope will cover any medical issues or training needs that may arise. Additionally, we'll provide food for the first couple of weeks, allowing you time to transition your new furry family member to the pet food of your choice.

Thank you for considering adopting from Lucy's Hope. Every adoption supports our mission and helps us save lives. To view our adoptable pets, please be patient as the page may take a moment to load. You can also click on "View our Adoptable Pets on Adopt-A-Pet" to see all of our pets looking for their forever homes.

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