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"No Dog Left Behind"

With this initiative, our goal is to provide the opportunity for rescued animals to find forever safe and loving homes. With access to the right resources and the generosity of volunteers, fosters, and donors, we are able to provide needed training and veterinary care. Although all efforts are made to place animals in well-suited permanent homes, we realize that some are best cared for as permanent residents in our "No Dog Left Behind" Sanctuary program.​Our "No Dog Left Behind" initiative will allow for those dogs that are declared unadoptable to live out the rest of their lives either at the sanctuary or in foster. While these dogs may not be adoptable they can be safely handled by certain people and have a quality of life. 


Chauncifer came to LHSR off the e-list. He had been adopted a couple of times from the shelter but was returned for concerning behavior. With us, Chauncifer spent a couple of months in a private suite and he was visited by many friends but we still saw some very concerning behavior so we had Chauncifer attend board & train in an attempt to help us learn how to properly manage his behavior. Chauncifer is officially part of our "No Dog Left Behind" program.

While we love Chauncifer his behavior is still quite concerning so he has joined our "No Dog Left Behind" program. We will continue to monitor his behavior and are hoping to get him in for a behavioral veterinarian consult. 



Sweet Remy came to us off the e-list at MCACC. At 10-years-young, Remy has squamous cell carcinoma which is a very aggressive cancer. Even with treatment, Remy is only expected to have another 4-6 months left so he is officially hospice at this point.



Meet Romeo, a resilient and loving canine resident. Romeo's journey to our rescue began when he was surrendered to PACC, having been placed on their e-list due to an unfortunate incident where he bit his owner. But that was only the beginning of his story.

Determined to help Romeo thrive, he received extensive training to address his behavior, and it was evident that he was capable of transformation. He spent time in a household with a 4-year-old child, demonstrating no issues and proving himself to be an affectionate and playful companion with boundaries.

After his training, Romeo embarked on a new adventure in a foster home, experiencing a change of setting and living harmoniously with a diverse furry family, including a German Shepherd, a Dachshund, and even three cats. His adaptability and loving nature shone through as he built bonds with his new companions.

Despite his remarkable progress and newfound harmony, Romeo faced the challenge of negative publicity while searching for his forever home. As a result, we made the heartfelt decision to welcome him into our sanctuary program. Here, he has found his forever foster family, providing him with a loving and supportive environment where he can truly thrive and live out his days in happiness and peace.

Romeo's journey is a testament to the power of love, patience, and second chances, and he now enjoys a fulfilling and contented life as a cherished member of our sanctuary community.

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