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Creating Meaningful Impact

Lucy’s Hope Sanctuary & Rescue

A second chance at a new START

Saving lives






At Lucy’s Hope Sanctuary & Rescue, we are not just committed to rescuing but to ensuring quality of life for the dogs we save. Our mission is to give a second chance at a new start to animals who are most vulnerable and in need of love and hope.

We are committed to achieving our mission by:

- Saving lives of vulnerable groups of dogs, such as behavior, medical, senior, and hospice

- Transparency in our operations, fundraising, successes, and challenges

- Advocacy for high-risk & euthanasia dogs

- Rehabilitation of the sick and neglected

- Training to avoid reoffending and increase successful transition into forever homes

In order to reach as many dogs as possible, our goal is to create a large network of fosters. Such a network will allow us to move quickly to pull and place various high-risk dogs in safe foster homes, so we can begin the process of rehabilitation, training, and ultimately adoption into forever homes. In the near future, we have plans to build a large facility on 20 acres in Marana, Arizona which will mean even more dogs will get a second chance at a new START.

We are very excited to try something different, and with your help, we will all work our tails off to make this dream a reality!

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