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Become a LHSR Foster!

It's no exaggeration - fostering saves lives. Fosters are how we are able to save so many dogs. 


One of our biggest needs is foster homes without young kids or other pets (and no breed/size restrictions) but even if you do have young kids or other pets we can usually find a dog to pair you with to foster. We have medical and behavioral (bite history, undersocialized, stranger danger, etc.) dogs as well as bonded pairs.

What is fostering and how does it work?

A foster is someone who takes a dog (in this case) into their home and family for a period of time without being that dogs' legal owner (ownership resides with the rescue). In most cases, the end goal is for the dog to get adopted by someone other than the foster (foster and foster-to-adopt are different - with FTA the end goal is for the foster to adopt the dog; although it does happen where what was a traditional foster turns into a FTA (aka a "Foster Fail")) and the foster takes on a new dog.

As the rescue, we cover the cost of medical care, training, food, and basic supplies for the dogs in our care. We offer support and use the info that you send us to market your foster dog in hopes of finding them their forever family. On average, our fosters have their dogs for 6+ months but this can vary depending on the dogs' needs and how long it takes before they are ready for adoption so please be prepared for a longer commitment.

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